Upcoming Events:


Previous Event Venues:

The Hollywood Bowl
Volume (Brooklyn, NY)
True Blood  HBO TV series ('Trance Inducing Drummer')
The A List at The Athenaeum Museum (La Jolla)
Civic Auditorium (San Jose)
111 Minna Gallery (San Francisco)
Tonic (New York)
Chopra Center
Area 101
The Emerald Cup Festivals 
Les Voutes (Paris, France)
Burning Man 5.1 Surround Stage
The Marquee (New York)
Master Class for S.A.E. Institute of Music (Hollywood)
Justice League (San Francisco)
Boom Test Festival at La Fleche D'Or (Paris, France)
838G (San Diego)
Trans Musical Festival (Rouen France)
Batofar (Paris, France)
The Dark Light (New York)
Pianos (New York)
Dub Spot US Sessions Tour
Ninja Tune Tour
The Broad Stage
Apple Store (Los Angeles 3rd Street Promenade)
Apple Store (San Diego Fashion Valley)
Kava Lounge
Air Conditioned Lounge
Broken Beat at Kadan
The Echo (Los Angeles)
Abbot Kinney Street Festival
The Epicenter
NAMM as Artist Evocative for Ableton Live
Muzik3 Festival
Belly Up
Vinyl Elements 
Palomar College Master Performance
Roseary Room
Wind It Down
Brick By Brick
Freight for The Chelsea Market Festival (New York)
The Knitting Factory (New York)
Onyx Room (San Diego)
Casa Musicale (Pigna, Corsica)
Universite Du Havre for Papamobile Festival (Le Havre, France)
Astrolabe for Bass Massive Festival (Orleans, France)
Boom Test at Cafe Curiex (Rouen, France)
Modest Behavior Art Show (San Diego)
Festival Astropolis (Concarneau, France)
Maison des Metallos (Paris, France)
Festival VIVACITE (Rouen, France)
Chelsea Piers (New York)
Velocity for Pseudo (New York)
Cosmic Bowl
The Che
Galoka Gallery
91X FM live on radio and interview (San Diego)
St. Paul's Cathedral
KPBS/NPR live on radio and interview
Le Curieux (Rouen, France)
Abordage (Evreux, France)
What's Up (Paris France)
The Jungle (San Diego)
KUSF Radio 90.3 live on radio and interview (San Francisco)
The Rex Club (Paris, France)
Radio Aligre live on radio and interview (Paris, France)
Tropique Mixxx at Cabaret Savage (Paris, France)
The Web Bar (Paris, France)
Wok at Theatre de l'Echanguer (Paris, France)
Dragon Lounge (San Diego)
Code Red
Animal (San Diego)
Texture at Updown Club (San Francisco)
KCR live on radio and interview