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CityBeat - Masters Of The Magneto " ...It's a 21st century sound, for sure. And it just might be the sound of the 21st century- technology in harmony with spontaneity, music that breathes, speaks, and most of all, acts."

KPBS The Lounge - Hosted by Dirk Sutro "...Irwin is considered by many the most innovative and talented live electronic act in the world. Typically sandwiched between D.J.s, Irwin has highlighted many club and party events since '96. Recently on the merits of word of mouth, Irwin performed to sold-out clubs in Europe."

Night of the Assassins - "The Weekly" - Cody Goodfellow "He builds a dynamic wall of sound that mixes sequenced and live performance into a new but immediately engaging style."

At The Che - Guardian - Sandy Link "If Irwin's last performance is indicative, anything is possible at his next show. Irwin's last performance was a chaotic mix of groaning samples, beautiful serene soundscapes, backwards analog-synthesizers and intense live drumming.  Irwin has played with the Beastie Boys, David Navarro of Janes Addiction and the Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Will Cooper of Mazzy Star, Fred Wesley from James Brown's band, Carl Denson and Herald Todd who played with Lenny Kravitz, Rickie Lee Jones, and John Cale of the Velvet Underground"

Sounded Like Gunshot - Reader - Pat Sherman "Weeks later, still enthralled by Irwin's Ole Madrid gig...I pay him a visit at his home.  I can see the room is littered with an array of percussion instruments and various stringed contraptions. Irwin give me a brief tour."

Conspiring Against Music - The Weekly - Cody Goodfellow Irwin: "If there's a vibe in the night, hopefully I can catch it. If you can tap into that, you can create something special for the audience, rather than hashing it (music) out day and night in a rehearsal room and spewing it out on the audience and moving on to the next show."

PaperMag -Tips For Tomorrow "For those who find football too soft, there are extreme sports; for those who think dating too cushy, there's extreme dating (10 seconds or less: go!). Now, for musicians who just can't get enough, Irwin comes to Pianos with his liver-then-live act. Irwin doesn't just play his electronic (music) - he makes it on the spot, creating all the beats and sounds right in front of you... see it if you dare, pussy..."

RE:UP Magazine written by Beau Lamontagne "How in the hell is he doing that? That's usually the question asked when Irwin performs... Electronic music like this was never intended to be created live, yet here's Irwin doing it right before your disbelieving eyes."

Bandvibe - Christian Behl "He is the cutting edge of art and music. Now you know what he ate for breakfast!!! Christian from Bandvibe interviews one of the great musicians and creative pioneers of our generation, Irwin."